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Samoan People

Wait…I’m eating wha? Gator!?!?

I’m still a young man..okay..somewhat young (25 son!)..and it used to kinda get to me how there were (no offense) white people running workshops, talking about situations as if THEY were living in the ‘jects and in low-income areas. Don’t take me wrong, I greatly appreciate them for their work, effort and strides that they’ve taken in order to try and assist low income youth and families (I LOVE WHITE PEOPLE..haha. especially the girls), but c’mon now. You don’t ask your mechanic about laundry nor do you ask a bus driver how to fly a plane. So the fact that YB (YouthBuild) has been incorporating young people who know what’s necessary to make it in the hood and still be successful in life? RIGHTEOUS. It just fits. Plus if your target area is youth, it’ll be more effective if a peer of the similar age group and/or situation informs/tells/help them. Plus it’s empowering for youth when you let them become active facets of their communities as well as inspirational pieces to those who are listening and learning from them…

…by LiJh, Samoan Genius

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