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Life in Samoa

29/09/2009 – Samoan Earthquake, felt in Vaitele

Tuesday 29th September 2009.

If the Appearance of Maria/St Theresa and the Burning of the Kitano was any indication of something about to happen..not to mention the Road Switch – we had thought that the ‘bad things come in three’ was over.

Until the morning.. I fell out of bed. (and I was not wasted)

7 am-ish (because my clock is always wrong I’m not sure what the real time was)

– First Earthquake – I fell out of bed, walked outside of the house where my Grandma and my cousin were standing. I went back to bed. (seriously, minor earthquakes happen every couple of months) and I was tired. I just finished watching the last disc of Gossip Girl’s Season 2. I was kinda pissed off that Chuck took ages to finally tell Blair that he loves her. (We don’t get GG on T.V and I’ve had the Dvd’s for awhile) Now, I will never forget it…

…from Screamingtree

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