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Love blooms in whoop-whoopville for uni girls

Out of all of us Siara is much more tom-boyish. She can scare a lot of people especially when drunk. We use to call her ‘Fia cupid’ because she would force random guys to dance with us, even at times when we didn’t want to lol. But then we just crowned her ‘Jake Heke’ because of the obvious lol. The way she forced guys to dance with us, like ‘oh my gosh’ we would have almost three to four guys dancing with us at the one time. So with having Siara as the abusive one we never really see how she is when she’s actually trying to flirt or pick up guys. At the end of every night out we always spend a few hours discussing the night, trying to re-cap our memory of it. It is during this time we began to wonder that Siara has a different way of ‘flirting’. We always remember seeing Siara hang out with old fellas, putting them in head locks, scabbing drinks to share with us and inviting random strangers over to the house. She acts like this when she is drunk and we would just assume she’s being just that a ‘drunk bush bitch’ ha-ha, though there are moments that make us think she might actually like these strangers. She doesn’t like to be caught out like that lol. If we ever made little jokes to her like “ooh Siara has a crush on XYZ” she would automatically abuse us (and I know this from experience). Or she would whisper “nahh I don’t im just pretending”. LOL…

…by Jay Foo

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