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What to wear?

This got me thinking about the time I lived in Samoa a few years back, and how my cousin stayed with us in Apia to attend the Le Iunivesite Aoao o Samoa / National University of Samoa (NUS). The first morning I saw my cousin walk out the door in a blue pea (woman’s two piece dress). Thought it must be an induction day thing. But the next morning she wore it again. It wasn’t till the second week of wearing the pea I got a bit suspicious. Is she really going to NUS?

But sure enough, my aunty who lectured at NUS told me its the Iunivesite / University’s student uniform! Uniform at varsity??? Try pulling that one off at a Iunivesite in Niu Sila / New Zealand, and you’ll see how far that’ll get you. My aunty said it was student driven, and even worse, they were trying to make staff wear a uniform too!

…from NiuZila

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