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Where to from here?…after daughter’s tears suppresses media ridicule

I will have to admit that the poignant moment for me today – in watching the public Memorial service was when Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris spoke at the very end. Her short, yet from the core of her being, speech – told the world that Michael Jackson was a human being – “daddy…father”. Her simple words shut the mouths of cynics and controversial media spinners the world over. That one short moment in time, resonated the words “Beat it” to all who sought to dumb down the memorial by saying that Michael Jackson was not a ‘role-model’ or ‘icon’…

…from Tamavalevale


The Resilience of A Samoan Woman

Nine months pregnant with her third child, she knew it was time to deliver. She left her two children, ages three and two, home alone, and walked to the hospital to deliver her third child. The hospital was less than a quarter of a mile walk for her, she prayed that her babies left home unattended would be safe until their father’s return from his meeting, she locked the doors and walked on, nine months pregnant, and prepared for her third child’s arrival into this world…

…by John @ Tala’aga

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