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The Graduate

The sound of “Pomp and Circumstance” brought me out of my selfish fixation. Everyone stood up, cheered, shouted their Graduate’s name, essentially, it was loud and proud. Of course, I found something more to be annoyed about, that is, until, I saw her unmistakable contour.

And then I saw her face. “Mom, Dad, there she is!” Through the procession she walked with her fellow-grads, tall and proud she was, and then she spotted us: walking and jumping, smiling from ear-to-ear, and waving at us. When she saw our father, who remained seated, his face awash with tears of pride and joy, she tried hard to choke back her tears, but the waterworks were flowing…

…from John @ Tala’aga…


Childless Mother, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Recently (as many as a few years ago, or so), I’ve noticed that every Mother’s Day my mother never fails to wish my older sister, who is without children, “…Happy Mother’s Dear…” My older sister has no children of her own and I’ve often wondered why my mother bothers to wish my older sister a Happy Mother’s day?

Because of my mother’s well-wishes, I’m forced to contemplate, to wonder, “…why is my Mother wishing my older sister a ‘Happy Mother’s day’…”? Then I remembered…

…by John @ Tala’aga



As the sun began to set, my sisters and I talked about how much we enjoyed the day, we talked about our hour-long bus ride home, and we were hoping that our parents weren’t going to be upset with us for getting home later than we explained. But our concerns quickly decapitated, suddenly, my sisters interrupted our conversation with their cooing and hawing over the silhouette of a Man walking out from the shores of Alkai.

I looked up to see what they were gushing over. I saw, what they saw. I saw a silhouette of a man with broad shoulders, tall, maybe five foot-eight inches, slim at the waist, the sun seemed to glitter around him as he walked out from the Alkai shores. Naturally, I started wondering if we were in the middle of a “Baywatch” television series…

…by John @ Tala’aga


Little Tiger, my baby bro

…He sure has grown up fast, I missed a lot when I was away for studies and every time I came back home he grew so much physically and mentally. I know I have a fair part in moulding him, I got him to listen to R&B music to build that sensitive loving kinda guy in him (lol), I made sure he didn’t fall into the stereotypes of ‘fob kids’ lol. I remember telling him not to play foot ball even ha-ha because I found that his body type was too fragile and suited swimming lol. But he would play it and I would go out watch him play sometimes. He was good though, top player in his team.

He plays golf, never would have thought he would be into it but I’m glad he is good at it..at least (lol). He’s been playing for 4-5 years now and is playing seniors now. He also plays for the mens team, a bright young kid who can go far in the field. Mum calls him her Tiger Woods…

…from JayFoo, Year of the Tiger

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