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Where would you go to hide $10 million?

On the run now from both NZ and International Authorities, the couple are presumed to be holed up – perhaps in a cave somewhere in the foothills of Hong Kong – China with the remaining $4 million of the original $10 million that was accidentally transferred into their account.


If it were a Samoan couple, I think they would have been caught the day the money appeared in their bank account. Not because the Samoan couple would leave a trail of bread crumbs (or Kalo crumbs…) but because they’d probably be trying to withdraw $10 million using their ATM card and then trying to find a way to fly out of NZ – and to which country? (lol)…

…from Tamavalevale

Thoughts on Life


I was invited by a mate to a special church service the other evening. It was an evangelical/pentecostal church, predominantly Pacific Islander. It was a branch of a church based in the U S of A.

That night, the sermon was preached by a Pastor from the States. He commented how there’s a scene on Sione’s Wedding where there is a Palagi guy, Derek from “G-g-g-Gfield” (Glenfield on the North Shore is a affluent part of Auckland/Aukilani), acts like a “gee”.

He’s a very funny character in the movie, and everyone in the crowd laughed, thinking about how hilarous it is to see a Palagi trying to act all hip-hop, down with the brown, a real “gee”. But then the Pastor said, “It’s funny you laugh, because that’s exactly how I reacted when I saw a lot of youths here in Auckland trying to act all gansta”.

A reflective pause from the crowd hit home the comparison.

…from NiuZila

Thoughts on Life

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day to most New Zealanders (read Palagis) is another day to go visit the garden store, to get that thing out of the way you’ve always wanted to do, to paint the house, mow the lawn, or to go to the beach. In fact, I’d say most Samoans treat Waitangi Day the same way.

Well here’s my perspective on this day of historical importance. Sure it’s a Maori “thing”, but it’s also a Polynesian “thing”, and New Zealander “thing”, a human “thing” too….

…from new Ala Mai blog, NiuZila, Land of Full Fat Milk and Welfare Money

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