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Life in Samoa

Life outside the box…

Its been 3 months since I’ve touched down in my new country Samoa… I had sooo many things to say, but when you only have 10min left to use the net… ahhhh, well you get my drift..

Samoa, in some ways, wasnt what I expected it to be. Lets just say Love hides ALOT! and it wasn’t until the wedding died down, and my family left that the REAL samoa presented itself…

Dont get me wrong, I love my husband soooo damn much, he’s the only reason why Im still here, getting bitten by the monster mozzies… but everything else seems… unreal…. in a bad way…

…by CherryK in Samoa


Cherry K’s Wedding!

I got here in Samoa a few weeks before the beautiful Cherry (Kilika) got here, she was planning her wedding and going through the preparation stage in New Zealand (read up on her blog) anyway, since we had been tight and stuff, I got an invite to the wedding – I then met Heinz.

& then Heinz – holding his phone to his ear in his office @ Samoa Shipping “Should I ask him now?” – I pretended to not hear anything, he clicked the phone, and goes “Kilika wants to know if you can be in the Line”.

…by Screaming Tree, Kilifi Lepua Fretton


Boyish Bride Antics…..

3/7 Ramblings of a crazy brown boyish woman…LOL

Yes, I am the 2008 recipient of the “wrong person to get married” Award. Yes we had a discussion with my friends & family, and we’ve come to this conclusion.

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Its an honour to receive this award, excuse me for my tears, Im just sooo happy. I didn’t prepare a speech as I thought I wouldn’t win (but really) I thank my Parents for their upbringing & dressing me like my brothers, which in turn made me dislike dressess, make-up, girly colours/styles. I want to thank my brothers for their help in my upbringing too, helping me work up a hatred towards shopping for anything, other than car models/car parts/music/games & consoles. I would especially like to thank my Dad, my mentor… for teaching me about cars, and while other girls were shopping with their mothers, I was under the hood changing fanbelts LMAO I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for you all! Love you!!. *takes a bow & EXIT,s*

…by Cherry K


With 7 weeks to go…Im nearing the end of the road!

I dont think it kicked in until I came back to NZ… Now 1st up I love my fiance with all my heart, don’t get me wrong on that!… but I didn’t quite think thru what being “engaged” and being a “fiance” was until I got back from Samoa. I didn’t click on what I’d be sacrificing until I had to answer my mates/friends/pals/booty calls lol with a “No, sorry I can’t… Im getting married”

With me, Im one of those free spirits, free to do whatever, whenever, however I want to. So after being ahh, we’ll call it…. “engd” lol Still not used to the “engaged” word… sounds like you’re about to do a SCRUM… I noticed I couldn’t do those things anymore. Its funny, you seem to reduce the amount of risks you take once you are “engd”.

…by Cherry K

Life in Samoa

Screamingtree enters the Adventures in Apia

I hate saying goodbye. Its one of those things which get me all choked up inside and I feel all googley and mushy. I don’t know what it is? My soft cry-baby side? I never really liked the fact that “goodbye” or even “goodbye for now” had such a deeper meaning to me.

To be honest, I’ve lost the excitement that I used to hold onto for weeks before I travelled somewhere.

For the first time, I’m not running away from something, someone, or a situation…

…by Kilifi Lepua Fretton

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