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A week earlier before she left to Samoa to attend a title name court case bla bla bla we were constantly arguing over her making me change her return flight date over and over again. ”Mum I have to pay money everytime you want to make a change to your flight details!!” She always replied with ”I carried you in my stomach for 9 months” LOL and I replied with ”Well I did not ask you to did I?” LOL But now I was sitting there helpless tears streaming down my face and how I wished I had just gone with her as planned. When I viewed the map of the areas affected, my mum’s village (MUTIATELE,ALEIPATA) was right in the affected area. I wish I had not viewed the map. Still crying I started dialing my uncles cellphone number in Samoa. The longer it rung the harder I cried. Finaly my uncle answered. I asked (trying my best to be strong and sound not worried) if they were all alright. He paused, then said they all were alright. ”Is my mum alright?” I asked this time holding my breath in and letting all my tears flow down no matter if all my eyeliner dripped as well. He paused again and I closed my eyes…

…from Memoirs of Seki


Childless Mother, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Recently (as many as a few years ago, or so), I’ve noticed that every Mother’s Day my mother never fails to wish my older sister, who is without children, “…Happy Mother’s Dear…” My older sister has no children of her own and I’ve often wondered why my mother bothers to wish my older sister a Happy Mother’s day?

Because of my mother’s well-wishes, I’m forced to contemplate, to wonder, “…why is my Mother wishing my older sister a ‘Happy Mother’s day’…”? Then I remembered…

…by John @ Tala’aga


Holding A Grudge For Years…

Image from ‘Book of the Black Star’ by Albert Wendt

I was talking to my brother, when i noticed that Mum and Uncle were starting to raise their voices in the kitchen. Uncle has only got in just before i did, he had been drinking at the local bar. Initially, i wasnt overhearing them, but the conversation was such that while listening to the bro, i was trying to figure out what was being said in the kitchen. It started to worry me, so i jumped up so i could see what was happening..As i was making my way to them, i heard Mum scream, it’s a scream that i will remember until i am gone from this earth…

I got to the kitchen to find Mum on the ground…

…from NEW Ala Mai Blogger, Overstayer


The Resilience of A Samoan Woman

Nine months pregnant with her third child, she knew it was time to deliver. She left her two children, ages three and two, home alone, and walked to the hospital to deliver her third child. The hospital was less than a quarter of a mile walk for her, she prayed that her babies left home unattended would be safe until their father’s return from his meeting, she locked the doors and walked on, nine months pregnant, and prepared for her third child’s arrival into this world…

…by John @ Tala’aga

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