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Life in Samoa

Put your hand in mine

When your in love with someone, you do all your lovey dovey cutesy couple things, wierd – for some reasons Samoans here in Samoa just don’t do that.

Its Taboo.

Kids walk to school with thier friends and hold hands, girls can hold another girls hand, a boy can hold another boys hand – but a girl and boy holding hands is kaukalaikiki (considered cheeky) LOL

So unless we are either pro-gay and lesbian, it is instilled in our culture that holding hands with your girlfriend or boyfriend is just something ‘you do not do’ (even if your married!)

…from Screaming Tree

Life in Samoa

Elevator Buttons

In Apia, there are approximately 6-7 elevators. Yesterday, I was thrown back into reality of how a simple thing as operating an elevator is still a foreign experience for our own people, an elderly lady entered the parking entrance of the Government building in Apia and was going to level 1, Eira and I had to get off at ground level (our inability to walk up 1 flight of stairs…is something else) but as we stepped off the elevator this lady became very scared and started to shake visibly, Eira held onto the door from closing and the lady asked with a tear in her eye how she was supposed to get to level 1…

…from Screaming Tree


The day is finally here! Our wedding DAY!

THOUGHTS AT THIS TIME: WTF am I doing? OMG WTF am I doing? I cant believe Im doing this, OMG ok ok, smile, smile hardout, dont cry… look forward, smile smile look forward…….

All the girls are thru, Everyone stands (does it have to be so quiet? DRAMATIC!) Me n my Dad enter… even when walking down, Dad whispers his words of encouragement…. to keep my foot in sync with his…

The service was good, with a few touching moments, like Dads speech which brought everyone to tears, especially when he said (in Samoan) “If ever you stop loving my daughter, return her to me, bring her to my arms, and then you go on your way”

…from CherryK

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