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No home for homosexual unions in Hawaii

…Secular States cannot be biased to one religion especially in an increasingly diverse population. Therefore we can’t or shouldn’t use our own personal morals and impose it on everyone else.

And thirdly, as I mentioned above, same-sex couples being married doesn’t hurt anyone, unless you have your own prejudices or bigoted views. If Aunties Tom and Dom from down the road decided to get married/have a Civil Union, how does that change anything for you? Do they suddenly smell really bad? Do they impinge on your right to walk down the road? Do they hurt your eyesight now they are in union of some kind?

…from NiuZila

Thoughts on Life


You know who I saw in prison the other day. I saw one of my classmates from back home. I asked him what are you doing in here. And he was a bit confused or shocked. I don’t know if it was the fact that he saw me or the fact of what he had done. Anyways he just looked at me and said my name. I was like yeah that’s me. So I took him in one of the rooms and we had a little talk. He was telling me that he was in there for hitting his son. And he regrets doing it. I told him this is not Samoa my brother, this is Hawaii. And its against the law, its called child abuse. He smiled and said i know…

…from Teine o le Segaula

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