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The Samoan Visiting Gift Etiquette Pt. 1

Visiting family is always a great thing – catching up on the stories, updates on family members, sharing food and sometimes sharing tears, all in the name of ‘being together’ is no doubt one of life’s simple pleasures (if you are close to your family lol)

And then there leaves the question of etiquette. Sure, most families would have some type of give and take, the token of love can be in a simple plate of food, a nice chocolate cake and even just a bucket of KFC! But what is the procedure and requirements when you visit a family in Samoa? What amount of gifts or monetary ‘mea alofa’ is required?

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This Christmas

This Christmas.. Every December, my family and I get ready for Christmas. We put up lights, decorations and the tree. My family and I all make our own ornaments each year and it goes up on the tree. I’ve been deciding exactly what will my ornament look like this year. Last year, it was a […]

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