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Samoan People

Slick with Tearsz

I’ve missed getting to know our fascinating Natives. It’s about time we re-ignited our Native Spot for 2012, and I know just the girl for the job. I met her first as SweetLipsz, with an eye-catching profile pic of lips x two-pair, a sophisticated palate for music, and a fierce flow in her narrative and […]

Samoan Culture Samoan People

How much did your matai title cost?

Samoans can be precious about our Fa’asamoa, and at the core of the Samoan way of life is our Fa’amatai, or our system of chiefs (matai). Ideally and traditionally, new chiefs are chosen by the consensus of their extended family, an honour bestowed on them after years of cultural tutelage and service. As Samoans tend […]

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