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The week leading up to the wedding….. and the hidings in between…lol

On the home front, my dad was the one with the murderous thoughts, how about I was trying my best not to get a hiding from my dad in the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding…. Yep dad was stressing over money.. You know how you try explain things to your dad, that it’ll be ok, and your dad hugs you and says “I know my daughter, because I have faith in you” you know that scene? well…. it never happened with me lol it was more like

“Dad dont worry, the money will be enough since everything is paid for already” and my loveable Daddy says “Kapugi lou guku e! aua le fiapoko, ke maga’o ouke alaku iiga sasa pala ai lou ulu?…

…CherryK is back! in Aging on the Inside

Thoughts on Life

Terrorists in Samoa

But the hysterics didn’t stop there. The whole of Sinalei, a luxury tropical hotel in Siumu (where the Rock stayed), was booked out for nearly an entire year by a New Age type group. Unfortunately some of the staff mistook yoga and meditation for some sort of evil terrorist plan to take over Samoa! Bahaha!

Rumours spread like wildfire across Samoa. My aunty who married a man from Siumu even said, while visiting the village, late one night they saw laser beams coming from Sinalei across the coast towards Siumu village! “Ae ke’i a ua palasi mai ma leisi moli emoemo…” I was waiting for her to say “and a mothership came down from the skies or something like that.”

…from NiuZila



As the sun began to set, my sisters and I talked about how much we enjoyed the day, we talked about our hour-long bus ride home, and we were hoping that our parents weren’t going to be upset with us for getting home later than we explained. But our concerns quickly decapitated, suddenly, my sisters interrupted our conversation with their cooing and hawing over the silhouette of a Man walking out from the shores of Alkai.

I looked up to see what they were gushing over. I saw, what they saw. I saw a silhouette of a man with broad shoulders, tall, maybe five foot-eight inches, slim at the waist, the sun seemed to glitter around him as he walked out from the Alkai shores. Naturally, I started wondering if we were in the middle of a “Baywatch” television series…

…by John @ Tala’aga

Samoan People

In the beginning…

Now me and siblings aren’t the Lifetime movie kinda siblings where Betty Lou would run to Nicky Ann and Bobby Joe with her problems and they’d have a family pow-wow and such. Nope. We had our own lives, our own mess going on. But the love and support was always there. Not obvious amongst those who first encounter us, but you try talking to my sister and trust, you’ll 10 hands on you before ou can say ‘ANDERSOL’. I fall in the middle. Which may account for me always trying to get attention and such…

…by LiJH, Samoan Genius

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