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Little Tiger, my baby bro

…He sure has grown up fast, I missed a lot when I was away for studies and every time I came back home he grew so much physically and mentally. I know I have a fair part in moulding him, I got him to listen to R&B music to build that sensitive loving kinda guy in him (lol), I made sure he didn’t fall into the stereotypes of ‘fob kids’ lol. I remember telling him not to play foot ball even ha-ha because I found that his body type was too fragile and suited swimming lol. But he would play it and I would go out watch him play sometimes. He was good though, top player in his team.

He plays golf, never would have thought he would be into it but I’m glad he is good at it..at least (lol). He’s been playing for 4-5 years now and is playing seniors now. He also plays for the mens team, a bright young kid who can go far in the field. Mum calls him her Tiger Woods…

…from JayFoo, Year of the Tiger

Life in Samoa

Schooling it…. old school style

It would be five o’clock in the morning when we heard the roosters, that was our alarm clock. We had a seizable number so when we all got up, like a boot camp, we all divided into ‘units.’ The girls would tidy up where we slept, ie, roll the mats coz we slept on the floor, take the blankets and pillows into the room. And when i say ‘the room’ I mean ‘the only room’ in the house. That room was like a warehouse for all grandma’s precious thangs and that would include beddings and grandma would hold the key! Not everyone had the luxury of sleeping with a pillow (unthinkable these days huh?). For the most part you were left to your own devices to be a contortionist (head on your arms) or the tried and true ‘ali’ which was a ‘pillow’ of sorts carved out of wood. Boy did that do wonders for your neck *kales*…

…by Dre @ Sights and Sounds

Life in Samoa

Memorial Postcard From Aleisa

It was another day out in the country. Aleisa to be precise. So peaceful with nothing but the birds sangin their hearts out from just about everywhere and anywhere (come to think of it, surround sound’s roots were from Aleisa lol). Apart from that, you would hear the odd chainsaw roaring in the far distance or someone calling someone who’s out in the bush. And no, I’m not talking about a cell phone or land line. It was our brand of it. You could hear the “uuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” resonating. Then quiet. Then a replying “iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” from somewhere out there in the koga kalo! That’s how you placed a call bush style!

…by Dre of Sights and Sounds


Boyish Bride Antics…..

3/7 Ramblings of a crazy brown boyish woman…LOL

Yes, I am the 2008 recipient of the “wrong person to get married” Award. Yes we had a discussion with my friends & family, and we’ve come to this conclusion.

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Its an honour to receive this award, excuse me for my tears, Im just sooo happy. I didn’t prepare a speech as I thought I wouldn’t win (but really) I thank my Parents for their upbringing & dressing me like my brothers, which in turn made me dislike dressess, make-up, girly colours/styles. I want to thank my brothers for their help in my upbringing too, helping me work up a hatred towards shopping for anything, other than car models/car parts/music/games & consoles. I would especially like to thank my Dad, my mentor… for teaching me about cars, and while other girls were shopping with their mothers, I was under the hood changing fanbelts LMAO I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for you all! Love you!!. *takes a bow & EXIT,s*

…by Cherry K


Aging on the inside…..Part I

After a number of years, filled with mistakes made, broken hearts and poor decisions. I finally realised what the reason was, the reason why I went through that. It was to help others with my experiences. It would’ve been nice to have an early warning huh?… lol

Alot has happened from that point til now. And as I sit and think about my life, I wonder how things would’ve been if I lived like a normal child.

Hmmm, would I relive my years again if the chance was given to me?

…by Cherry K

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