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Life in Samoa

Call To Extend Opening Hours for Nightclubs

As far as Falanaipupu is aware, no nightclub has closed down as a result of the recession, however business has been slow during the week, the usually packed out venue is now seeing more floor space during the week and the crowds seem to be packing in only on the weekends.

“Perhaps Government workers are on contract more these days and need to perform the next day at work” he speculated.

Hmm, an intelligent reason, given that its a widely accepted fact that Government workers are spending Government money, time and resources at work being hungover from wild nights at Tropicana or their Nightclub of choice.

…from Screaming Tree, Adventures in Samoa

Thoughts on Life


The purple building located on the Hume highway is greatly missed by many people, I think it existed throughout two to three generations. It catered for the Samoans, Tongans, Fijians and other pacific islanders.

I remember many years ago when I was just a kid I use to see this purple isolated building with graffiti on it. I use to think it was some abandoned witch house, but little did I know it was a popular hang out for islanders.

Growing up I would hear mum tell me to never go to that place because it’s full of crazy people. Then I figured that mum has been there because how else would she know that…

…by JayFoo

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