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Come home to Samoa – here’s why our homeland should be your next holiday destination

Visit Samoa

Where are the Samoan islands?

A little while ago I worked out that the entire population of Samoans in the world is easily under 700,000 people. That’s like, every last one of us… everywhere. As a Samoan in South Auckland – known for its uniquely high concentration of Pacific Islanders especially Samoans – it’s easy for me to forget that […]

Visit Samoa

Can You KOOH KOOH KOOH? – Revisited

In the ville, our Notebook Scribblers are assigned topics to blog about. One of our first assignments was: What is your favorite memory of Samoa? I love these entries so much, I thought they deserved another highlighting. Our Wrydah’s favorite memory has to do with beloved family and talking to chickens. One of my most […]

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