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About Samoa, the island country of our birth and ancestry

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20 Most Asked Questions About Samoa – Answered by Samoans

We’ve all seen it. You’re Googling something to do with Samoa and you see from the search results that others have been asking questions about Samoan people, too – but they’re really basic questions that you thought everybody knew the answers to by now. Surely! But then you realize the world is a big place […]

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Where are the Samoan islands?

A little while ago I worked out that the entire population of Samoans in the world is easily under 700,000 people. That’s like, every last one of us… everywhere. As a Samoan in South Auckland – known for its uniquely high concentration of Pacific Islanders especially Samoans – it’s easy for me to forget that […]

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Can You KOOH KOOH KOOH? – Revisited

In the ville, our Notebook Scribblers are assigned topics to blog about. One of our first assignments was: What is your favorite memory of Samoa? I love these entries so much, I thought they deserved another highlighting. Our Wrydah’s favorite memory has to do with beloved family and talking to chickens. One of my most […]

The Samoan Islands

The Market

Emelita Pogai documents her return to Samoa in a series of fascinating blog posts over in the ville. In this episode, she visits the icons of Apia living – the makeki – and finds that nothing really changes in Samoa.

The Markets were the coolest place ever.

The Savalalo market on the water front was where I did most of my shopping to bring back for the famz and where I was sure I would find some pork buns!! On the back side was the fish market. Dad made sure I checked out all the little fish hanging around the base of the boats that were docked up(being the avid fisherman/woman that I am) before we bought our dinner for the evening.

There was a real buzz around the market. Buses and Taxi’s were in full force aiding in transporting in and out, the constant flow of people. People came here for a number of reasons; food and gifts being the most obvious after all, that’s what brought us there too, but after a while it was clear to see who was also there to check out the talent.


Life in Samoa

The Security Lights of Samoa

Every house on my street in Vaitele, has at least 2 dogs – bigger houses have at most 5 or 6 dogs and not the cute fluffy type of dogs – but the vicious bite-your-head-off-because-I’m-hungry type of dogs.

I’ve been lucky not to have been bitten yet by a dog – safe to say that even if you go for a walk around Vaitele – YOU NEED to walk with a stick to fend off any stray dogs that may come out of nowhere – early morning exercises is the typical time of dog attacks and the fact that the stray dogs tend to have lice and sometimes rabies – it is most probably the scariest thing besides the Samoan Police.

…from Screaming Tree

Life in Samoa

Put your hand in mine

When your in love with someone, you do all your lovey dovey cutesy couple things, wierd – for some reasons Samoans here in Samoa just don’t do that.

Its Taboo.

Kids walk to school with thier friends and hold hands, girls can hold another girls hand, a boy can hold another boys hand – but a girl and boy holding hands is kaukalaikiki (considered cheeky) LOL

So unless we are either pro-gay and lesbian, it is instilled in our culture that holding hands with your girlfriend or boyfriend is just something ‘you do not do’ (even if your married!)

…from Screaming Tree

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