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Translating Naumati Lagona

Translating Naumati Lagona

Music has been a huge part of my life since, as a very young child, I couldn't go to sleep without somebody singing to me… and then they must have got sick of it cause next minute I get this portable radio thing for my birthday… To this day I STILL find it easier to...

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Samoana, Ala Mai: Translating Lota Nu’u

Samoana, Ala Mai: Translating Lota Nu’u

You know how at the end of a long Samoan (usually family) function, someone says the closing prayer then everybody gets up to sing a song together? I love that. Not just because it means we can go home soon and eat the food we’ve already loaded in the car (who does...

Translation for Falealili Uma, a song of victory

As with many traditional Samoan songs, Falealili Uma is not one that you can fully understand in English with a simple word for word translation. Even fluent speakers of Samoan still need to know some history, a few idioms and a little bit of geography to really grasp...

English translation: O oe o la’u uo moni

Spawnbreezie recorded a recent version of this song, but it's a true Samoan classic. Thank you to JJW for his beautiful translation. I'm not sure who wrote the original - Tiama'a? Five Stars? - but he or she was a lyrical poet indeed: O oe o la'u uo moni/You are my...



Village One Samoana

Were you once a One Samoana ‘Native’? If you were a member of the One Samoana social network (which ran from 2008 – 2012), then a you may recognize some of these Native-written blogs from a heartbeat and a lifetime ago.

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