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Stories from a German Samoa

German Samoa (1900-1914) was also Chinese Samoa. Apparently, German landowners couldn't find many local Samoans willing to work for them, so they immigrated almost 4000 Chinese laborers on temporary (usually 3-year) contracts. This time in our history - plus the...

Walk down the Samoan History Lane

Our guest blogger Anna Taylor shares a quick snapshot of (Western) Samoa's history - from our origin story, to European colonial rule, to independence. Come take a walk with her back in time... The History of the Samoan people is one that is shrouded in a lot of...

When did we become beggars?

When did we become beggars?

I'm not a social scientist or an economist or a politician or a lawyer. (For those kinds of very intelligent posts, check out our friend NiuZila's blog.) I AM an observer, though, who asks a lot of questions... and a recent chat with my mom about her growing-up days...

7 Reasons you should watch ‘Return to Paradise’

7 Reasons you should watch ‘Return to Paradise’

During a family reunion in Samoa ages and ages ago, a whole bunch of us piled onto a couple of those yellow wooden box buses (you know the kind) and took a tour around Samoa. It's one of my most favorite childhood memories. We had grandparents, great grandparents,...

Samoan Song Translation: Afai e te Alofa

This song is so pretty. It's one of my top 5 all-time favourite island jams, particularly the version by legendary Samoan band Five Stars. The message is simple: if you love me, come back to me. Here's how I would translate it line by line: Afai e te alofa / If you...

How all Polynesians are connected

Folklore has it that the original Maori traveled to Aotearoa from Havaiki on board several canoes, or waka. Each waka had a name, arrived at different times and landed at different parts of the islands now known as New Zealand.

Today Maori tribes, or iwi, can trace their genealogy back to the settlers who arrived on each waka.

A couple weeks ago I was in Hastings, home of the iwi Ngati Kahungunu, to celebrate their waka – Takitimu. At a cultural summit held during this four-day festival, a church minister from the Cook Islands got up and told us the history of this waka.

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The Women’s Mau of Samoa

The Women’s Mau of Samoa

Samoa’s history is peppered with skirmishes over land and even a civil war or two. It was customary back then for those who were defeated in battle to retreat into the mountains.

This is why, after the tragic events of Samoa’s Black Saturday, the men of the Mau scattered to find refuge in villages far away from Upolu’s troubled coastline.

The women, however, didn’t….

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Samoan Newspapers

Once upon a time (1979, to be exact) a Samoan newspaper was born in New Zealand for the sole purpose of keeping our migrant community connected with home through news, gossip and columns about God, culture and family.

This newspaper’s name was “Samoana“, and it was the first monolingual Samoan publication in New Zealand.

The Samoana Newspaper had an amazing 27-year run full of ups and downs, some incredible people, the odd scandal and a LOT of heart…

…by Hamo Geek Girl

Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III

Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III

Most Samoans will know the story about Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, Samoan Head of State who, in 1929, was shot to death in peaceful protest against New Zealand's rule over Samoa. Well, all Samoans should know this story. It began in 1914, when New Zealand took control...



Village One Samoana

Were you once a One Samoana ‘Native’? If you were a member of the One Samoana social network (which ran from 2008 – 2012), then a you may recognize some of these Native-written blogs from a heartbeat and a lifetime ago.

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