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Why the word hamo is offensive… but it’s okay! I’ve taken it back.

When I started calling myself Hamo Geek Girl (omg, almost 10 years ago) it made some people uncomfortable. “Do you know the history of the word ‘hamo’?” some asked. “Isn’t that offensive to Samoans?” asked others. Yes I know. Hamo was not my most favourite word, either, but I took it back! For a number […]

Samoan Language Thoughts on Life

45+ Biblical names for boys and girls in the Samoan language

Today’s Samoa is founded on Christianity, so it’s very common for us to give our children Bible names. Because of our Samoan pronunciation, though, it’s not always clear to the western ear which Biblical characters our names refer to. And some of these names are so widely used in our culture that they’re just Samoan […]

Thoughts on Life

Satapuala versus the Samoan Government

Have you been following the drama between Samoa’s government (namely PM Tuilaepa) and the village of Satapuala? The short story: Satapuala is a well-known village that, half a century ago, relocated to accommodate Faleolo Airport in Upolu. Over the decades since, leaders in the village have lead a campaign to re-claim hundreds of acres of […]

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