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Tama a Samoa – A modern classic of Samoan music

A few days ago, someone asked me why in our Samoan Lyrics database, the categories for Felise Mikaele and Kapena are both empty. Well, it’s an interesting and a kinda touchy story. If you’re Samoan, especially if you’ve got any interest in our rugby then you’ve most likely heard the song ‘Tama a Samoa‘… except, […]

Samoan Artists

One Samoana remembers Tanuvasa Shane Sitivi

A Special Edition of our Native Spot

When I stopped in the next day to check on his album, I was completely blown away by images he’d uploaded, seriously impressed by the quality of his photography. When I told him so, he shrugged it off like it was no biggie – just snapshots from his trip – and said something about how his photos were only a reflection of the breathtaking beauty of Samoa.

From the few posts he would drop in our forums plus his responses to the comments on his photos, I got the impression that Shane was a humble kind of guy, an adventurer at heart who was loving his exploration of Samoa and our culture.

…A few days ago I received some very sad news…

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Samoan Artists

Le Penina o Lenei Vasa

I’m not sure what the history is behind this scene – the single coconut tree standing alone in the sea – but its significance is clear in a couple of very moving posts Hanalei has written about her love for her home village…

I first saw the image and fell in love with its beautiful, crisp shades of deep to light grey. Then I thought ‘One’. As in One Samoa… and of course One Samoana. It was too perfect – I had to steal this photo. (Hana knows I owe her big!)

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