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Stories from old Samoa, our recent history as well as our ancient legends.

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A Traditional Samoan Wedding… with a Tangent about Making Babies [+ Video]

I should really put the word “traditional” in quotation marks, because what is traditional anymore? I’ve heard some stories about weddings back in the ancient, less Christian days of Samoa. Don’t quote me on this stuff, cause I can’t remember who told me these tales, but apparently… True(ish?) Story Time In the old days, a […]

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Stories from a German Samoa

German Samoa (1900-1914) was also Chinese Samoa. Apparently, German landowners couldn’t find many local Samoans willing to work for them, so they immigrated almost 4000 Chinese laborers on temporary (usually 3-year) contracts. This time in our history – plus the upcoming Spanish influenza outbreak (1918) that killed thousands – forever changed the genetic make up […]

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Samoan Independence Day – Memories and Contemplation

Today marks the 51st year since (Western) Samoa gained independence. (Well, it actually happened on the first of January, 1962, but we celebrate it in June). For a relatively young island nation, Samoa has a rich and spirited history, and every year on this day we remember with gratitude the long and painful protests our […]

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Toe faatalofa atu i le mamalu o Samoa atoa e amata mai Saua se’ia pa’ia le Fafa o Saualii.  O se tasi lenei o tala ta’uta’ua i le Tala Faasolopito o Samoa.  Usi mai loa lau faafofoga. O Feepo le tupuaga o le Malietoa, e to’atolu lana fanau, e toalua tama ma le teine.  O […]

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Super Samoan

I’m not sure if it was exactly brainwashing by my parents, but growing up us kids we always felt proud to be Samoan. But it always seemed to be more than a feeling. It felt like it was in our blood. This supposed biological trait ’special only’ to Samoans were confirmed by the reaction of other Samoans I met throughout my life. We all felt there was something special to being Samoan, something inherent, something born in us.

Therefore, it isn’t hard to see how other people could interpret that Samoan pride into Samoan arrogance. Of course some of us Samoans would cheekily quip back with that line on my favourite t-shirt: “you’re just a wannabe Samoan”. Hence the popularity of the t-shirt.

…from NiuZila

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