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Ie Sina – a lost Samoan art

Ie Sina – a lost Samoan art

I was back of house at the Melbourne Museum, browsing their hidden Pasifika collection, when I first saw one of these. This is Samoan? I asked. Yes, came the reply... and apparently, when a group of Samoan community elders visited a few weeks earlier, they gasped and...

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The many uses of the Samoan ili

Samoans call this the ili, or fan. This hand-held version is Polynesia's personal cooling system, except in the often relentless heat of Samoa, I've noticed it's not the most effective tool for the job. It's just as well they make these ili so pretty then or I...

For love of le siva Samoa

I know it’s been a looooong minute since I’ve posted anything here – I’ve got a full explanation for that, coming up soon (JJW lol) but my friend just sent me this clip to check out and I fell in love all over again with the Samoan siva.

A Samoan artist to watch: Lalovai Aisake Peseta

When I get rich and have a nice house with big empty walls, the first thing on my agenda will be to begin collecting art. Not just any art, though. I want to find work that reflects my culture and personality in unique and interesting ways... art that is a lot more...

A “GOOD” Taualuga siva  [videos]

A “GOOD” Taualuga siva [videos]

You can find a thousand taualuga siva on YouTube these days, and while I applaud the effort of lovely Samoan dancers world wide, not a lot of these performances are really great. (C'mon now... you all know it's true)... A few years ago, however, I found a badly...

The Taualuga dance

Yes, I know. I could register at You Tube and put together a collection there of all my favourite clips, but I'm the cool dude (chick) that's going to be different and post my faves here. Why? Because as you can probably tell already, I like to talk / write and...



Village One Samoana

Were you once a One Samoana ‘Native’? If you were a member of the One Samoana social network (which ran from 2008 – 2012), then a you may recognize some of these Native-written blogs from a heartbeat and a lifetime ago.

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