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How do you say car in Samoan?

We’re continuing our series of Samoan language Toolbox phrases – those words and sentences that will help you begin learning directly from Samoan speakers. Last time, we looked at: How do you say [bird] in Samoan? In this very similar dialogue, we want to know about cars: A. What is the Samoan word for [car]? […]

Learn Samoan

Numbers and Counting

Counting in Samoan is pretty straight forward. Our numbers are very similar to those of other Polynesian languages. Here’s how we start: Numbers 0-10 0 O 1 tasi 2 lua 3 tolu 4 fā 5 lima 6 ono 7 fitu 8 valu 9 iva 10 sefulu To count into the “teens”, just think about what […]

Learn Samoan

Days of the Week

The Samoan terms for our days of the week are made up of two parts: the word Aso, or day, and then a second word to describe that day. For example, Aso Sā is what we call Sunday, and the word sā means sacred. As Samoa is a very Christian country with most denominations observing […]

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