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Food is one of our most favourite things about Samoan culture. Join us in the kitchen as we explore some iconic Samoan dishes.

Recipe: REAL Samoan Panipopo!

Recipe: REAL Samoan Panipopo!

I heard something disturbing this morning. One of my girls told me that she was Googling recipes for Panipopo and came across some that called for store-bought, ready-made dough.. which you would then proceed to roll into dough balls…


NO NO NO!!!!

Oh, and NOOOOO!!!

It’s not THAT difficult to make real Panipopo dough from scratch – the store-bought stuff is too generic and… just not right!

So don’t be lazy. I’ll walk you through it…

Samoan Puligi (steamed pudding)

Samoan Puligi (steamed pudding)

[Just pulling this recipe (first posted 11 Nov 2013) out again for this holiday season. Can't wait to have some hot puligi & custard on New Years Eve. Mmmmmmm...] We have a funeral in the family this week. My mom's beautiful Aunt lived a long, full life and was...


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