Once upon a time (1979, to be exact) a Samoan newspaper was born in New Zealand for the sole purpose of keeping our migrant community connected with home through news, gossip and columns about God, culture and family.

This newspaper’s name was “Samoana“, and it was the first monolingual Samoan publication in New Zealand.

The Samoana Newspaper had an amazing 27-year run full of ups and downs, some incredible people, the odd scandal and a LOT of heart.

At times it was as if the cliche, ‘blood, sweat and tears’ was penned just to describe the effort that went into keeping alive this homage to a burgeoning Samoan-NZ community.

The last issue of the Samoana Newspaper hit the stands in 2006, only months after the passing of its visionary founder.

Yet, ‘Liliu le taimi,’ impart the lyrics of a popular song, and indeed it is a new day.

One Samoana is the effort of another Samoan generation to keep our people connected through our thoughts, our stories and a celebration of our common heritage.

As an organisation, however, we are built on the legacy, the collective wisdom and experience, of decades in the print media industry.

It is in that spirit that we pay our humble respects to the Samoan newspapers that are still running strong, still delivering to newstands every week, the stories of our people – the voice of Samoana.

Samoa Observer: Samoa’s leading newspaper

Samoa Post: International publication of Samoa

Samoa News: American Samoa’s daily newspaper

We also acknowledge the Savali, a government-owned paper that prints fortnightly out of Apia.

Please let us know about any other Samoan newspapers or magazines that run in your area so we can add them here.

Ia manuia!