Original Fiction: Forbidden Fruit

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Original Fiction: Forbidden Fruit

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Esera was a promising graduate who abandoned his career as an architect and followed his heart – embodied in the wild and beautiful Mercy – to small town Texas. Love was worth the sacrifice, he reasoned.

Six years later, this same love just about destroys him when he walks in on a ‘party’ Mercy is hosting in their living room. One he had not been invited to.

His violent outrage at the scene lands him in the hospital where his physical recovery is long and painful. It’s nothing, though, compared the task ahead of him: to move on with his life and heal, emotionally.

He finds solace from his troubles in gentle, but unhappily married Lydia. He’s never connected like this with anyone else – but is falling in love with her really a good idea?

Penned by One Samoana’s Madam of Lyricism, Mz Wrydah (aka LadyKnight of PFS), Forbidden Fruit is the first series in the set she started for our many talented Storytellers.

She’s working on the 8th and final chapter now. Get started here –> Forbidden Fruit – Table of Contents.

Known IRL as Lillian (Lils, Lei'a) Arp, I'm just a Hamo Geek Girl, sitting behind a screen... learning, deep-thinking and typing up Samoan things.

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