Love Samoan Music: Tiama’a

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Love Samoan Music: Tiama’a

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Do a little research and you’ll find that just about every great Samoan pop song today was either originally written by Tiama’a or heavily influenced by this legendary band.

Not only is their musicianship – especially that lead guitar igi – flawless, their lyrics are some of the most profound and moving poetry you’ll find in any culture.

Fall in love with the music of Tiama’a (again!): Tiama’a in the Ville … The set was created by Eenah, a daughter of founding Tiama’a singer Nuualiitia Fafo Aulalo.

One Samoana Natives are some of the biggest Tiama’a fans!

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3 thoughts on “Love Samoan Music: Tiama’a

  1. I grew up listening to Tiama’a. Even Fiji’s remake of Sosefina. Their music paved ways of Samoan music. If there was ever a Samoan music award, Tiama’a would probably come up in every category.

  2. TO BE HONEST, Growing up listening and just being around this band never triggered any thought in me that it would become one of the most legendary bands in the history of Samoa/NZ/Aus and around the globe today. Im very blessed, although when i was younger i took for granted my Father/Uncles music only because i was just so use to hearing them sing/perform etc now that im older (and wiser lol) i’ve appreciated the hard works these guys have put into every song, lyrics, tunes and all – the EFFORTS they put in every song, the band members have not really recieved the financial rewards that they deserve in regards to other artists/bands remaking their music!! No DOUBT ima make it happen one day #Owe it all to you my FAMILYYYYY! oxox

  3. Im a big Tiama’a. They are truley pioneers of modern samoan music. was always fascinated by their use of “poetic-style” lyrics and soulfull but simplistic high pitched harmonys. Faafetai Tiamaa.

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