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Some of the most useful words and phrases to learn first in a new language are those that help us ask native speakers for more help. For example, ‘How do you say [something] in your language?’ or ‘What is the [your language] word for…?

Let’s call these our Toolbox Phrases – because they go in our language learning toolbox, get it? 🙂

In the sample conversation below, the phrase to learn is ‘How do you say [some word] in Samoan?’ Translated, this sentence literally means, ‘What is the Samoan of [some word]?’

A. How do you say [bird] in Samoan? O le ā le fa’aSamoa o le [bird]?
B. The Samoan word for [bird] is manu. O le fa’aSamoa o le [bird] o le manu.
A. Manu is [bird]? O le manu o le [bird]?
B Yes Ioe

For best results, have a listen then practice both sides of this dialogue.

It’s okay… lots of brainy people talk to themselves.