I know it’s been a looooong minute since I’ve posted anything here – I’ve got a full explanation for that, coming up soon (JJW lol) but my friend just sent me this clip to check out and I fell in love all over again with the Samoan siva.

Well done to LOVE.KING for a great rendition of two of my favourite classic Samoan jams: Manu o le vaveao and Mo’omo’oga.

But wow.. Siva Palota from the Sivamua Dance Group really steals the show in this clip.

The taualuga dance is one of our favourite things to talk about because it’s such a showpiece of Samoan celebrations. Everyone’s got their own opinions about what a ‘good’ tualuga looks like, but the basic rules are that it should be graceful… and regal.

I have to say I’m really impressed by the tualuga siva in this video. See how her hands at times are barely moving? The regal poise of her body as she gracefully releases through her arms the story of the song…?

Okay… that’s enough of me trying to be a poet.