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Dad can give the FBI a run for their money. Maybe bcos dad has a built-in Lie Detector. Yep, he can tell when you’re lying, even when you’re telling the Truth (HUH?) true story! Aha sometimes you end up confessing to something you didn’t do, because you think it’ll save you… but it doesnt… lol

His Award winning moment – When my brother narked on me for smoking & wagging (I agree with the smoking part, but the wagging?… I had gone 1 wag free month!) Dad asked me about the smoking. I denied it. He asked me about the wagging. I said NO. He asked me about the smoking. I denied it. This went on for a while. After all these questions, I was so confused, scared & puzzled because I didn’t know where we were up to with the questions, that I confessed to smoking & wagging as well. See, thats why dad deserves this Award… lol

…by Cherry K


Saying sorry to your child

As a child I was taught that when you do something wrong you need to say sorry. But when I think about it now, I hardly ever heard my parents or any other Samoan parents say sorry to their children. Especially when it was the parents that seemed to be in the wrong. How many times have you been yelled at for something you didn’t do just to never hear your parents say sorry? How many of you grew up with alcoholic fathers just to never hear them say sorry for waking you up at 3am to make them something to eat after they have had a long night in the pub? How many times did you have to go without lunch because your parents were too busy trying to look good in front of the congregation and give your shopping money for lafoga? Did they ever say sorry?

…with Love, from Sia



Us kids saw her first… we froze momentarily, holding our breath seriously just incase we make a noise… then whispering to eachother, we started making commands… ”turn off the T.V, pull the curtains, don’t make a noise HIDE!” My Aunt was knocking & knocking… Im surprised our door was still intact… but she left after 15 minutes… that gave our ears another day of rest…

…I know I know… but honestly, we do it out of respect for the poor family whose lives are about to be spilled out to us…

…by Cherry K


Rent Ranting

love my family to bits, but in a Samoan Family, the word “space” is almost taboo to mention.

I live in a 5 bedroom townhouse (an inner-city cubbyhole) – which as I mentioned, is my Aunties place. It’s spacious and I find myself feeling lonely when I’m on the east-wing (the run down courtyard from 1887) or when I’m in the garden (the 1 metre strip resembling a grave dugout) or even when I’m in the “family room” which doubles as the entertaining area & my uncles late night poker rituals.

but THIS is not the space I’m talking about…

…by Kilifi Lepua Fretton


Aging on the inside…..Part I

After a number of years, filled with mistakes made, broken hearts and poor decisions. I finally realised what the reason was, the reason why I went through that. It was to help others with my experiences. It would’ve been nice to have an early warning huh?… lol

Alot has happened from that point til now. And as I sit and think about my life, I wonder how things would’ve been if I lived like a normal child.

Hmmm, would I relive my years again if the chance was given to me?

…by Cherry K


The Power of Curiosity… in Internet Dating…

The year 2006 was a really bad year for me, my sister Shar suggested I go online to find a friend overseas as that was the “in thing” to do. I was curious…so, In March 2006, I went on a Samoan Website to see what the fuss was about and to look for a friend in Samoa, who I can chat too about the weather lol

This was a new territory for me, chatting with someone I didn’t even know. Scanning through the profiles, i could feel my fingers shaking, and sweat building up. I put it off for a couple of weeks as just thinking about it gave me panic attacks lol One day I decided to talk myself through it lol it went something like this… (hey… its normal to talk to yourself!…. lol)

“ok, you are 25 now, you’re a grown woman. Its not like your asking for a lifetime commitment and its not like you’ll end up marrying this person. It’s to build your confidence. Just email someone on there and if they don’t reply, then just move on and it’ll be ok…

…by Cherry K

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