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Author of an insightful commentary on history, politics and community from the perspective of a 20-something year old, 3rd generation immigrant, New Zealand-born Samoan. Journey into NiuZila, Land of Full Fat Milk and Welfare Money
Thoughts on Life

Australia Day

It’s been reported that up to 1 million New Zealanders did not vote in the last election.  Before the official results were released it was also suggested the no-vote was significant in left-leaning areas.  My personal view is a lot of the non-voters have moved to Australia/Ausetalia… and many more will continue to follow them […]

Thoughts on Life

How precious life is

A Samoan father was killed in the Kalaisitete quake for simply being in a public bus that was passing through the CBD. The helicopter shots of the tsunami in Iapani engulfing whole towns and speeding through farms was even harder to watch when you could make out vehicles trying to escape along the roads, without success. I have friends who teach English in Iapani and others who play lakapi/rugby who are now desperate to get home as the risk of nuclear fallout grow daily. There have been some images on the internet showing the Libyan armies killing the rebels, the very people we saw celebrating victory over their ruling classes only days before.

It doesn’t matter where you live in this world, life is precious. Even when times are of great celebration, or as mundane as going out to lunch, or catching a bus, life is precious. Even if we lived in the second richest nation on earth who is also the most prepared when up against quakes and tsunamis, at the end of the day, life is precious.

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Thoughts on Life

Underclass swept under the carpet

The Government has given millions of dollars in tax cuts to the richest, yet promises only a 25c rise in the minimum wage for the lowest paid workers. The Government has allowed employers the ability to fire new employees within the first 90 days, and need not give a reason, yet plans to cut thousands of jobs from the public service, without guaranteeing no negative impact on social services, services the general public depend on. The Government has planned to sell some public assets such as power companies (albeit partial sale) so that foreign owners can inject capital into the assets, yet the likely outcome is the profits will go offshore, and prices for power will rise.

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Thoughts on Life

Karate/Kung-Fu Kid?

Anyway, back to the re-runs… but is it me, or do we sensationalise and romanticise our childhood memories.  Coz watching the re-run of the original Karate Kid was cool… all until the fighting scenes.  The fighting scenes seemed… well seemed boring!  It looked too rehearsed, too fake, and not enough action.  I think through the years action movies have progressed so far, technologically, visually and choreography-wise, that we have high expectations when we watch the next action movie.  The same for when we watch previous movies, we expect so much but don’t realise how basic the old movies were until we watch them, and then are sorely let down.  Still the original Karate Kid movies were a good trip down memory lane.

…from Niu Zila

Thoughts on Life

No home for homosexual unions in Hawaii

…Secular States cannot be biased to one religion especially in an increasingly diverse population. Therefore we can’t or shouldn’t use our own personal morals and impose it on everyone else.

And thirdly, as I mentioned above, same-sex couples being married doesn’t hurt anyone, unless you have your own prejudices or bigoted views. If Aunties Tom and Dom from down the road decided to get married/have a Civil Union, how does that change anything for you? Do they suddenly smell really bad? Do they impinge on your right to walk down the road? Do they hurt your eyesight now they are in union of some kind?

…from NiuZila

Thoughts on Life

Survivor Some-more

I had only been watching the show sporadically, but last night’s finale was exhilarating! For those not familiar with the contestants, the most controversial and polarising finalist was Russell Hantz – an oil company owner and self-confessed millionaire. He is the man! He masterminded his way to the finals, whether by making various alliances, making promises, breaking promises, lying, manipulating his team, tough playing in challenges, and finding immunity idols with no clues! He is probably the best Survivor contestant in the history of the show.

…from NiuZila

Thoughts on Life

Identity vs Class

Now Goff and his leadership/strategists are not stupid, and know they are engaging important substantial political and philosophical issues (ie identity politics vs class politics), they are also taking the opportunity to grab the superficial political points from the conservative/red neck vote at the same time.

Unfortunately, I think they will lose using either or both strategies. Political point scoring from the conservative/red neck vote can only get you so far on the left. While Trotter believes there are more social conservatives than social liberals on the left, I think that’s all too simplistic a view. I think I am social conservative in many ways. I am a Christian, but I am also Samoan. I have a tertiary education and currently hold a professional occupation, but my background is from a working class family. I have some socially conservative values, but I have some strong convictions against neo-liberal economic theories. And thus, this is the reality of post-modernism. There are many more layers to an onion, than just class or identity.


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