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Leaving the nest

I love my mother so much but we clash a lot. I told her of my plans to leave home. She didn’t take it so well but she knew why I wanted to. We negotiated how this should work but never came to an agreement. 2 days later, I had my stuff packed and ready to go. It was hard but more so awkward. Doing something that I never thought I would have the will to do but I know deep down it was for the best. My mother tried to reason with me but I fought through my tears and whispered ‘bye mum, I love you’. Without even saying anything to my father or my beautiful baby brother I walked out…

…from JayFoo

Thoughts on Life


The purple building located on the Hume highway is greatly missed by many people, I think it existed throughout two to three generations. It catered for the Samoans, Tongans, Fijians and other pacific islanders.

I remember many years ago when I was just a kid I use to see this purple isolated building with graffiti on it. I use to think it was some abandoned witch house, but little did I know it was a popular hang out for islanders.

Growing up I would hear mum tell me to never go to that place because it’s full of crazy people. Then I figured that mum has been there because how else would she know that…

…by JayFoo


Little Tiger, my baby bro

…He sure has grown up fast, I missed a lot when I was away for studies and every time I came back home he grew so much physically and mentally. I know I have a fair part in moulding him, I got him to listen to R&B music to build that sensitive loving kinda guy in him (lol), I made sure he didn’t fall into the stereotypes of ‘fob kids’ lol. I remember telling him not to play foot ball even ha-ha because I found that his body type was too fragile and suited swimming lol. But he would play it and I would go out watch him play sometimes. He was good though, top player in his team.

He plays golf, never would have thought he would be into it but I’m glad he is good at least (lol). He’s been playing for 4-5 years now and is playing seniors now. He also plays for the mens team, a bright young kid who can go far in the field. Mum calls him her Tiger Woods…

…from JayFoo, Year of the Tiger


Love blooms in whoop-whoopville for uni girls

Out of all of us Siara is much more tom-boyish. She can scare a lot of people especially when drunk. We use to call her ‘Fia cupid’ because she would force random guys to dance with us, even at times when we didn’t want to lol. But then we just crowned her ‘Jake Heke’ because of the obvious lol. The way she forced guys to dance with us, like ‘oh my gosh’ we would have almost three to four guys dancing with us at the one time. So with having Siara as the abusive one we never really see how she is when she’s actually trying to flirt or pick up guys. At the end of every night out we always spend a few hours discussing the night, trying to re-cap our memory of it. It is during this time we began to wonder that Siara has a different way of ‘flirting’. We always remember seeing Siara hang out with old fellas, putting them in head locks, scabbing drinks to share with us and inviting random strangers over to the house. She acts like this when she is drunk and we would just assume she’s being just that a ‘drunk bush bitch’ ha-ha, though there are moments that make us think she might actually like these strangers. She doesn’t like to be caught out like that lol. If we ever made little jokes to her like “ooh Siara has a crush on XYZ” she would automatically abuse us (and I know this from experience). Or she would whisper “nahh I don’t im just pretending”. LOL…

…by Jay Foo


My Princess Memories

I remember mum would dress me up in a different dress every day, I had so many shoes that all looked the same (shiny black with a buckle) and those ‘frilly’ white socks lol. There was a photo taken nearly every Sunday of my outfit lol I was soooo photogenic ha-ha always had the thumbs up in my pose, and I had heeeeps of dolls that I couldn’t take out of their boxes. I must have had chewing gum in my hair one time because my hair style was like a mullet lol long black hair and a rough spiky fringe that was cut weird. My nick name was ‘saiga’ and I always thought that was an English word lol….

…by Jay Foo

Thoughts on Life


Fafafine, we all know some and we all love some. I have only met a few fafafine’s in my life and that was in Samoa, no surprise there. To my understanding, fafafine’s are cross dressers, and because they ‘act’ like a woman, the community will treat them like a woman. Technically its not taboo in Samoa because its acknowledged.

They are not considered to be ‘gay’ because they have sex with straight men. Maybe that’s taboo because having that kind of experience or reason to have sex is a bit too much. Maybe it is true that people have sex with fafafine’s because of the experience. This would be considered as a heterosexual relationship, please correct me if I’m wrong. Though gender identity is shaped by our culture….

…by Jay Foo

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