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Local Time

Its something in the pit of your stomach when the pilot says “we are now descending into faleolo” that just makes you sit up straight, breathe really deep & try to not look excited, or to hide how your nerves because you know that just in a short while you will be stepping off the plane & walking out into a world thats familiar but foreign at the same time…

This time, I walked out of my Air New Zealand holding my little cousin’s hand, breathed in really deeply & looked around trying not to cry because the last time I left life was so different & here I was walking back to come back home to watch such a big part of my heart return home & be gone out of my sight forever…Yep, here it is people the recollection of the journey home for my grandpa’s burial…

…from High Matai’s Kulimagu


The wound that never heals.

The first cut is the deepest. And the longest to heal, she remembers the first time it happened. It scarred her physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. The memory is still so vivid and it makes her sick to her stomach. Her body weakens and her eyes fill with tears every time the memory arises. It becomes a re-occurring nightmare.

He would creep into her room and carry her to another. She is not aware mentally but physically. He would pull off her nighty and place them neatly beside her. She tries to keep her knees together but that would result in a fist to her gut. A few minutes and it was over, he dressed her and carried her back to bed. As his foot steps fade down the hall way she could no longer hold her tears. Crying til she fell asleep, just like every other night.

…by JayFoo


…::my unburnt bridge::…

Do you know what its like to lose a child? The stabbing pain to be parted with your unborn baby?? The love of a mother so excited to await her child’s arrival only to never get that day?? I have…What do you do when your so eager to start your new family & your busy with the finer side of life only to go to the bathroom & see a pool of blood surround you? How do you think it feels for a mother to know that her child has decided to give up on their journey & leave you?? That look that the doctor gives you when they look at you with those really intense eyes & you know the next thing out of their mouths will obviously not be along the lines of Congratulations, or Its a minor glitch, you know that they themselves are trying to find the most tactful way to relay the news…

…by High Matai

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