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My life as of today

An update from the life of Ms Diamond Cuts, from her AML blog ‘And in the Words of Leila‘ It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything – I mean something that’s worth writing about I guess you could say. But things have been well..sort of topsy turvy for me the past few months. And […]


My Long Distance Relationship Part II

So many people have asked about how me and my other half are. “How are you and Kuanti since the last time you wrote about your long distance relationship?” “Are you two still together?” “Do you two still talk?” “How do you do it?” Doing fine thank you, yes, yes and I’ll tell you how. […]


This Christmas

This Christmas.. Every December, my family and I get ready for Christmas. We put up lights, decorations and the tree. My family and I all make our own ornaments each year and it goes up on the tree. I’ve been deciding exactly what will my ornament look like this year. Last year, it was a […]

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