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Life in Samoa

Samoans and Bingo

Because someone beat me to the punch of “Checkers” lol, I moved on to Bingo. What a game. I actually have no idea to play the darn thing. lol Even when I yelled out “BINGO” because obviously I had bingo’d, thanks to Aunty Fuala’au who marked my paper along with her eight. Can we say […]


oh myspace the humor

Anyways. I get this message in my myspace in box claiming that I’ve lost my position in the ex’s life and that I need not worry because he’s well taken care of. Mind you as I’m reading this email, I’ve fallen off of my chair going thru hysterics, laughing my ass off. For the first in awhile, the simple knowledge of this man in some other females life didn’t hurt me a bit, it use to.. well yea, because of the whole “we’re married” part, but now? It even surprised me. I was on the verge of taking my bra off and running around screaming freedom, might be TMI and I’m straying off the subject.

In response to this broads letter, I emailed back asking how she knew I had been the ex, trust being on myspace I was actually trying to be incognito and I received this response:

…from Ninja Say What

Thoughts on Life

Samoa is still smiling

On the way to work the other morning, I listened to a bunch of The Edge FM djs broadcast from poolside, Aggie Greys, over in Samoa. The typically irreverent crew eschewed any sightseeing for lazing about in the sun, bragged about how much they’d had (and were planning) to drink, and conducted interviews with local hotel staff that bordered on lewd – “With a name like Ru-ta, you’d be a popular girl in NZ!” and so forth. And then the girl dj recorded this pitiful, painful to the ears, rendition of some pop song celebrating her time in Samoa.

At first I winced at the audacity. That’s MY Samoa you all are enjoying way too much over there! But then I realized, wait… less than two months after this year’s devastating tsunami took too many lives and destroyed some of our most treasured resorts, people are enjoying Samoa again.

Whoever it was that came up with the plan to send a bunch of boisterous Kiwi djs over to prove that Samoa, as a tourism industry, is definitely open for business again… you did good!

You’re probably also responsible for this heartwarming gem:


Thoughts on Life


Congressman Faleomavaega today acknowledged the deployment of twenty-one AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team leaders for a three week assignment in American Samoa. The scope of the team’s work is to focus on 1) assisting the American Red Cross with mass care and shelter operations; and 2) feeding, and bulk distribution to those affected by the disaster.[FULL STORY]

Samoan History

How all Polynesians are connected

Folklore has it that the original Maori traveled to Aotearoa from Havaiki on board several canoes, or waka. Each waka had a name, arrived at different times and landed at different parts of the islands now known as New Zealand.

Today Maori tribes, or iwi, can trace their genealogy back to the settlers who arrived on each waka.

A couple weeks ago I was in Hastings, home of the iwi Ngati Kahungunu, to celebrate their waka – Takitimu. At a cultural summit held during this four-day festival, a church minister from the Cook Islands got up and told us the history of this waka.

…by Hamo Geek Girl


Is your man cheating?

Ua ka fiu se le sau o lea tagi mai la’u tamatau…. Sau o leisi tagi mai la’u agavale….. (I’m sick and tired of one crying on my right hand side and one crying on my left hand side) lol….. I THINK MY MAN IS CHEATING ON ME…… But why tagi fua???? Get up…. And get rid of every ounce of smell of his cheap cologne and find a real man who can afford to shower you with all and every ounce of his attention…. Yes you…. Not you and some other woman……. It’s my topic for today because…. My friend whom I will not mention…. Is once again crying about the fact that she thinks her man is cheating on her…. Oka…. Se…. hello…. We already told you this like time and time again…. But no le fia fa’alogo….. (doesn’t want to listen) so we just left her to her one… and now look…..

…with Love from Sia


Samoans budgeting for a brighter and better future

You see I had planned to start a vegetable garden out the back just so that I can have something extra to do on the weekends and also have cheap veggies at my disposal. But then I was sitting down to write a list of what kind of veggies I wanted to grow and my son came to me and said “Mum, I want a motorbike”. Mind you I had just finished paying the bills and paying for his school fees and his school camp and new school shoes. I was like WTHEOOOOO….. lol… Instead of yelling and listing all these things that I had just finished I asked him to please go away because I was a little stressed and I needed 5 minutes to myself…. So he left me alone….

…with Love, from Sia

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