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Fa’alupega and the Samoan lauga

Fa’alupega is often the first building block of a Samoan lauga (speech). When addressing a gathering of people, it is custom for the speaker to acknowledge all the other matai in the room, to greet each of them not just by title name, but with an acknowledgement of their village and recitation of how their […]

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How do you say car in Samoan?

We’re continuing our series of Samoan language Toolbox phrases – those words and sentences that will help you begin learning directly from Samoan speakers. Last time, we looked at: How do you say [bird] in Samoan? In this very similar dialogue, we want to know about cars: A. What is the Samoan word for [car]? […]

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Numbers and Counting

Counting in Samoan is pretty straight forward. Our numbers are very similar to those of other Polynesian languages. Here’s how we start: Numbers 0-10 0 O 1 tasi 2 lua 3 tolu 4 fā 5 lima 6 ono 7 fitu 8 valu 9 iva 10 sefulu To count into the “teens”, just think about what […]

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Days of the Week

The Samoan terms for our days of the week are made up of two parts: the word Aso, or day, and then a second word to describe that day. For example, Aso Sā is what we call Sunday, and the word sā means sacred. As Samoa is a very Christian country with most denominations observing […]

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