Wake up! It’s 2016! [video]


2015 is out the door in a couple of days – can you believe it?

I’ve been spring cleaning our Samoan Lyrics database, finding all these musical gems from back in the day.

And then I rediscovered Aaradhna.

First it was the lyrics for ‘Down Time‘ and ‘I Love You Too‘ – those throwbacks to younger, more carefree days – then next minute I was on YouTube looking up her more recent work.

Her 2012 album, Treble & Reverb is actually pretty amazing.

Those lyrics that you feel in your gut, that catchy retro groove…

I know I’m late to the game, but “You don’t love me anymore” is my heartbreaking favourite right now. “Wake Up“, though, is a very VERY close second.

Aaradhna says (in another clip) that she wrote, “Wake Up” for herself… she was trying to shake off depression, just telling herself it’s time to get up and get it together already.

I hear that.

I love this clip (below). It’s Aaradhna, unplugged, during a session with ThisIsR&B in New York.

I think her message is perfect – for all of us – as we head together into 2016.

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