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The movement is growing… more and more natives are v’blogging in the ville. Join CAM-U-MIND to get your own vlog started. In the meantime, here’s San Jose’s Iaga with her answers to these questions:

1. State your name (and location) for the record
2. Best thing about the town you live in
3. What’s something you love about Samoan culture
4. Why do you kick it at One Samoana?
5. 3 things you’re good at (or enjoy doing)
6. Please demonstrate one of them… (perform an item or exhibit your skills)
7. Plug it (whatever you want to promote or get the word out about) & Final Thoughts


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Brown Skin, smooth

So lemme see if I got this right.. the jam is called Brown Skin. It’s from the album ‘Worth the Wait’ by um, Aiga Records? Featuring the Aiga Team (aka the A Team?)

Whatever the case might be, the track is smmoooootth. It conjures images of drop tops and summer time. Thank you to Rikishi for the headsup on this one.


Now all these guys need is a video clip. The kind with an image on it that actually moves 😀

Coconuts 2011


The first couple seconds of this clip just makes me smile, the rest of it is so chill, like weekend-lounging with the family.

Love the name of the record label, too: Mao-Back Productions? Classic.

Sadly, so the YouTube blurb says, this might be the last clip ever from the outfit because its founder just got called back to active duty.

If that turns out to be the truth, Mao-Back should be proud of what they accomplished here. Y’all did good!