South Auckland / Aukilani Saute

South Auckland has become synonymous with crime and poverty to many New Zealanders (read Palagi). It is the ‘ghetto’, the eye-sore that middle New Zealand (read Palagis) can drive past on the highway and not think about. It’s that part of town that people (read Palagis) are too scared to venture through. It becomes the political scapegoat at every national election. It is held up as the consequences of lawlessness and moral corruption. It’s where there are never enough cops and never enough prisons. It’s the “bad” side of town, the other side of the tracks that parent’s fear to let their children go.

Yet hardly any (if any at all) of these New Zealanders who espouse these perceptions of South Auckland, have ever stayed in South Auckland. Parachute reporting does injustice to the real South Auckland. Talk back radio is full of people who have ‘friends’ who have been to South Auckland, but never themselves…

…by NiuZila