Book Review: The Story of Lauli’i, A Daughter of Samoa

Do you know how they made the ava (kava) back in the day? I’m talking over 100 years ago… Well, the taupou in the village would break off pieces of the ava root, chew them into a pulp, then spit all that good stuff into the tanoa (that’s one of these things), where it would … Continue reading Book Review: The Story of Lauli’i, A Daughter of Samoa

A Samoana Father’s Day

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day in Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate, we put together this collage of old school photos from the Samoana Newspaper. It’s all men in here! All these images are from before 2006, and span right back to the very early 80s. Do you see anyone you recognize? Take a closer look … Continue reading A Samoana Father’s Day

The Mystery of Olga

What about, one of your worst on air moment?

Well, not really, I guess everything is all good, if there was anything bad it would have been when I first started, I always did things by the book and then there was this bad caller who had called in and wanted a song, I couldn’t play his request and he started giving me attitude.

What do you mean?

Well, he was just being an egg I guess, it was all these swear words and him having this whole gangster type attitude. So I played that Three Doors Down song “Loser” and I told him “this one is dedicated to you”…

…from Screaming Tree, Adventures in Samoa

Famous Samoans (Chapter 1)


* Tia Carrere – (Actress, Wayne’s World 2 – True Lies) She was born and raised in Hawaii and is actually of Filipino descent. However her parents both lived in Samoa for some time before moving back to Hawaii.

* Wesley Snipes (actor, Blade I II Trinity) – Yeah..this is just a rumor. He is actually African American and born in the United States of America to a teacher aide mother and an aircraft engineer father…

…from Tama Valevale