Stories from a German Samoa

German Samoa (1900-1914) was also Chinese Samoa. Apparently, German landowners couldn’t find many local Samoans willing to work for them, so they immigrated almost 4000 Chinese laborers on temporary (usually 3-year) contracts. This time in our history – plus the upcoming Spanish influenza outbreak (1918) that killed thousands – forever changed the genetic make up … Continue reading Stories from a German Samoa

Walk down the Samoan History Lane

Our guest blogger Anna Taylor shares a quick snapshot of (Western) Samoa’s history – from our origin story, to European colonial rule, to independence. Come take a walk with her back in time… The History of the Samoan people is one that is shrouded in a lot of ambiguity. Several theories have been put forward … Continue reading Walk down the Samoan History Lane

Book Review: The Story of Lauli’i, A Daughter of Samoa

Do you know how they made the ava (kava) back in the day? I’m talking over 100 years ago… Well, the taupou in the village would break off pieces of the ava root, chew them into a pulp, then spit all that good stuff into the tanoa (that’s one of these things), where it would … Continue reading Book Review: The Story of Lauli’i, A Daughter of Samoa

Tama a Samoa – A modern classic of Samoan music

A few days ago, someone asked me why in our Samoan Lyrics database, the categories for Felise Mikaele and Kapena are both empty. Well, it’s an interesting and a kinda touchy story. If you’re Samoan, especially if you’ve got any interest in our rugby then you’ve most likely heard the song ‘Tama a Samoa‘… except, … Continue reading Tama a Samoa – A modern classic of Samoan music

The Women’s Mau of Samoa

Samoa’s history is peppered with skirmishes over land and even a civil war or two. It was customary back then for those who were defeated in battle to retreat into the mountains.

This is why, after the tragic events of Samoa’s Black Saturday, the men of the Mau scattered to find refuge in villages far away from Upolu’s troubled coastline.

The women, however, didn’t….

…by Hamo Geek Girl

Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III

Most Samoans will know the story about Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, Samoan Head of State who, in 1929, was shot to death in peaceful protest against New Zealand’s rule over Samoa. Well, all Samoans should know this story. It began in 1914, when New Zealand took control over Western Samoa. The world was at war … Continue reading Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III