Samoan Etiquette: Meal Time

When I was in high school my family moved to New Zealand so we could live close to my ageing grandmother. An added bonus was that just about all my mother’s 8 siblings (and their children, and their children’s children) lived in the same neighbourhood, and for as long as my grandmother was still with … Continue reading Samoan Etiquette: Meal Time

Leaving the nest

I love my mother so much but we clash a lot. I told her of my plans to leave home. She didn’t take it so well but she knew why I wanted to. We negotiated how this should work but never came to an agreement. 2 days later, I had my stuff packed and ready to go. It was hard but more so awkward. Doing something that I never thought I would have the will to do but I know deep down it was for the best. My mother tried to reason with me but I fought through my tears and whispered ‘bye mum, I love you’. Without even saying anything to my father or my beautiful baby brother I walked out…

…from JayFoo