Earthquake in Samoa

At 8.55am (NZ time) today, we received report that a tsunami hit Samoa.

At 9.05am, we heard that a 1.57m Tsunami wave hit Pago Pago American Samoa, heading 100m inland.

At 9.13am, deaths were reported. News came in that Fagaloa and Lalomanu were hit bad.

At 9.24am, we found out that pretty much the whole of Apia had been evacuated to higher ground.

We opened up a discussion in the village for natives to post reports from loved ones in Samoa, and to keep everyone updated about official news, mostly from the radio.

I’ll be compiling the information we received there into categorized posts here, so you can more easily find the information you’re looking for.

God Bless Samoa.

xx HGG

29/09/2009 – Samoan Earthquake, felt in Vaitele

Tuesday 29th September 2009.

If the Appearance of Maria/St Theresa and the Burning of the Kitano was any indication of something about to happen..not to mention the Road Switch – we had thought that the ‘bad things come in three’ was over.

Until the morning.. I fell out of bed. (and I was not wasted)

7 am-ish (because my clock is always wrong I’m not sure what the real time was)

– First Earthquake – I fell out of bed, walked outside of the house where my Grandma and my cousin were standing. I went back to bed. (seriously, minor earthquakes happen every couple of months) and I was tired. I just finished watching the last disc of Gossip Girl’s Season 2. I was kinda pissed off that Chuck took ages to finally tell Blair that he loves her. (We don’t get GG on T.V and I’ve had the Dvd’s for awhile) Now, I will never forget it…

…from Screamingtree

Clash of the two Samoas-Democracy gone wild

One can only be concerned with Samoa’s agenda in its attempts to close ranks against Fiji, by alienating its closest Pacific neighbors. That is what is happening here. Tuilaepa is merely driving a wedge between him and anyone who isn’t being influenced by New Zealand and Australia.

In his attempts to be a stronger independent country voice, the only thing the Prime Minister is doing is drawing attention to the fact that he does not know where exactly he wants to be. One minute he’s driving on the Left hand side and the next minute he’s on the Right…

…from NEW Ala Mai Blogger, Tama Valevale

Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters…

Did you know… If you’re a girl and you want to refer to your sister, you call her ‘uso’. If you’re a guy and you want to talk about your brother, you also call him ‘uso’. BUT… If you’re a girl talking about your brother, you call him your ‘tuagane’. AND… if you’re a guy … Continue reading Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters…

The Women’s Mau of Samoa

Samoa’s history is peppered with skirmishes over land and even a civil war or two. It was customary back then for those who were defeated in battle to retreat into the mountains.

This is why, after the tragic events of Samoa’s Black Saturday, the men of the Mau scattered to find refuge in villages far away from Upolu’s troubled coastline.

The women, however, didn’t….

…by Hamo Geek Girl