Sharing the love

I had one of the best experiences in my short life on Monday night at the “I Love the Islands” concert at Vector Arena, Aukilani/Auckland. In an arena full of 10,000 kiwi’s, we came together to not only enjoy New Zealand/Niu Sila music, but we came together to support the Samoan Tsunami relief effort. Although not quite a Flash Mob, the coming together of the Niu Sila public to show their support for the relief effort had that strong communal feeling of achieving great things together, just like a Flash Mob. People from all walks and life, different ages, ethnicities, social backgrounds, all came together to dance and sing with one another. To our right were two Palagi women in their 40’s, while to our left were a young Maori couple. Behind us were very noisy young Samoan girls, and directly in front were an Asian couple. Yet every song we all sang, whether we knew the words or not. Every act, we danced liked no-one was looking. Every cheer, we shouted and yelled up to the heavens.

…from NiuZila