Wake up! It’s 2016! [video]

2015 is out the door in a couple of days – can you believe it? I’ve been spring cleaning our Samoan Lyrics database, finding all these musical gems from back in the day. And then I rediscovered Aaradhna. First it was the lyrics for ‘Down Time‘ and ‘I Love You Too‘ – those throwbacks to … Continue reading Wake up! It’s 2016!

Brown Skin, smooth

So lemme see if I got this right.. the jam is called Brown Skin. It’s from the album ‘Worth the Wait’ by um, Aiga Records? Featuring the Aiga Team (aka the A Team?)

Whatever the case might be, the track is smmoooootth. It conjures images of drop tops and summer time. Thank you to Rikishi for the headsup on this one.


Now all these guys need is a video clip. The kind with an image on it that actually moves 😀

Coconuts 2011


The first couple seconds of this clip just makes me smile, the rest of it is so chill, like weekend-lounging with the family.

Love the name of the record label, too: Mao-Back Productions? Classic.

Sadly, so the YouTube blurb says, this might be the last clip ever from the outfit because its founder just got called back to active duty.

If that turns out to be the truth, Mao-Back should be proud of what they accomplished here. Y’all did good!

GOOD MORNING SAMOA: the new album by Kas Futialo

If you’ve been in the ville for even a few minutes, you’ll probably already know by now what a huge fan I am of The Feelstyle, a.k.a. Kas Futialo.

It’s just something about his unique blend of top calibre hip-hop plus 100% Samoan-ness that consistently gets me right *points to fatu* there.

Kas has got a new Samoan album out, yay! I recently had the privilege of chucking a bunch of my famous (according to me) faikakala questions his way in this special edition of our Native Spot.

FULL STORY | More from our Native Spot

End of Summer Reggae Rush 2010

If you’re anywhere near Gardena, California on the 18th of September, drop by the Normandie Casino to catch live performances by acts like Urban Dread, Kontiki, Ray Leger, Hooligans and TSB’s friend Spawnbreezie.

It’s a reggae rush to mark the end of summer 2010, brought to you buy Ovaw8 Entertainment. (By the way, if you’re a performer, check out Ovaw8’s faleo’o to find out how you can get on stage at one of their gigs.)

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