Samoan Independence Day 2009

I whispered to Gwen that we had to walk with the S.T.A banner, the government departments had a requirement to walk, so we had to leave our comfortable seats (JUST before the food was coming out! LOL) and walk gwen through the grassy outskirts to meet up with our S.T.A colleagues.

We got there just in time, I took Gwens bag and Tiara holding case and told her I’ll hold it as I rushed her to walk in front of our banner. Gwen ran as fast as she could to the front our line, and I tried to find a place amongst the guys in the back..

As the march progressed, Gwens bag fell out of my hands and all of her stuff fell out, so I had to scramble to pick up everything while the line of our staff was moving (shux, talk about embarrassing) and mind you, Gwen’s bag was a bright PINK fala style thing..

…from Screaming Tree, Adventures in Samoa

Samoa’s independence comes and goes

Some Samoans (usually, the same ones every year) gather at the Malaeola Hall in Mangere to watch the Samoan flag raising ceremony (which by the way, it’s the same flag that flies on the pole every other day) done by either a visiting dignitary or the current Miss Samoa NZ, and then attendees make a hasty retreat into the hall for warmth and performances from church choirs, youth groups and the long tatalo’s by the most senior of all visiting church pastors and priests at the beginning, middle (for the food) and the end (which usually is said with only 30 people remaining in the hall…cleaners mostly). Given good weather, usually somewhere in Auckland, a Samoan kilikiti tournament is being held….and that’s Samoa’s Independence day celebrated in New Zealand.

…from Tamavalevale