March to democracy

I have to admit I had to sneak out for a quick lunch break to witness this great Hikoi. And I’m glad I did. As I saw the multitudes walk past I felt a great pride, an honour to be a witness to, and testify about the actions of those protesters that day. As the chant’s went up and the flags waved, the goosebumps and spine chilling set in. History was being made.

In my University days I would’ve jumped at the opportunity to be standing side by side next to those protesters. But there’s an uncomfortable feeling of having to be stand-offish now that I’m no longer waving around the University-rebellion-against-the-machine flag anymore. This corporate suit has almost created a barrier between the sensibilities that now have to be taken into account, compared to the desire to voice one’s opinion along side others on Queen Street.

…from NiuZila