Hate Crimes: Is the Race War On? Someone let me know.

If this crap escalates to a full scale race war on the streets, I’ll need to know if Tom (white guy)up the street is gonna greet me with a neighborly wave or site his M4 carbine on my brown ass! Will Ali at 7/11 say “Good morning Eeedezy, cigarettes?” or start chanting some craziness in Arabic before taking all of us infedels out- slurppees and all!

I always wondered why California’s Prison system is the only segregated prison system in the country. Blacks go with blacks, Whites with the whites, Mexicans? Well ,theyr’e special. Norteno’s(Northern Mexicans North of Santa Barbara to the Bay Area) to the North and the Sureno’s( Southern Mexicans with ties to Southern California) to the south. Oh yeah, the Samoans go with the rest of the races- we are called and roll with -the “Others”. The Pac Islanders, Asians , Orientals and afa-kasis’ make up the others. Did the California Department of Corrections see something in the races years ago, that is evident and escalating today?

…from NEW Ala Mai Blogger, Eeee Deeezy